Case De Walvis

De Walvis

Amsterdam West Islands
Once spotted = Never forgotten

Once spotted = Never forgotten

The office building at Grote Bickersstraat 74 - 78 is located in the center of Amsterdam, near the Central Station. The building dates back to 1964 and is an important part of the construction history on Bickerseiland.

KAAN Architects has made a design for this, in which the qualities of the original building are respected, using the latest techniques and meeting current requirements. The surrounding grounds will also be redecorated and given a green character. The renovation is planned to from the start of 2019 the start of 2020.

Once spotted = Never forgotten
“One look at De Walvis and you know that you are looking at something remarkable. Powerful, striking and free-spirited, an experience to watch and be a part of. With a total of 9900 m2 of office space. ”
Social and lively

Social and lively

The wharf that is the home base of De Walvis is located on the Bickerseiland, one of the lively western islands of Amsterdam. An area where living, working and relaxation mix. The neighbourhood is lively: cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops, sports facilities and entertainment venues are around the corner. Everything within reach, so you can create your own place and make new contacts.

“The special redesign ensures
that De Walvis distinguishes itself from the rest. The strong individual identity
of this prime location and its tenants
is clearly visible from all sides. ”

De Walvis

More than 3,000 companies, 835,000 inhabitants with more than 180 different nationalities and around 17 million visitors a year opt for Amsterdam. The multicultural capital is the center for trade and culture, combined with a perfect balance between work and private life. Looking ahead to the future, the city of Amsterdam can create a home for everyone.

“Dare to go further
than the norm. Dare to make
your own choices.”
  • Offices
  • West Islands Amsterdam
  • 9,900 m²
  • 66 parking spaces