Case Hourglass

Timeless Building

Parnassusweg, Amsterdam
First sketches

First sketches

In 2013, together with our partner Zadelhoff, the first sketches were made for a new building on the corner of the Ring A10 and the Parnassusweg (Zuidas). The fitted building was designed by Diederik Dam (Dam & Partners Architects) and has the shape of an hourglass ("Hourglass"). In close cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam, tenants Loyens & Loeff and PREM Group, the design has been developed into a mixed-use building in which shops in the plinth, high-quality offices, 115 hotel apartments and a "sky bar" have all been given a place.

First sketches
“With its iconic architecture - inspired by the geometrical artworks of Brancusi - and light stone façade, a timeless building has been designed. The visual language and the warm material use give Hourglass a classic and international appearance.”
Skyline Eye Catcher

Skyline Eye Catcher

Along the Parnassusweg Hourglass forms an ensemble with the adjacent NoMA House. From the A10 and the renewed Station Amsterdam Zuid, Hourglass will soon be visible as part of the skyline of the Zuidas. The construction of Hourglass started at the end of 2017, and the building will be handed over to the tenants by the end of 2019, so that it can be used in early 2020.

“Hourglass is an initiative of
Zadelhoff Beheer and Maarsen Groep.
It is a grand and timeless office building centrally located in the Zuidas and
designed by Dam & Partners.”


Hourglass marks the new center area of the Zuidas that will fill the coming years with offices, houses, hotels and other facilities of international level. The existing facilities of the Zuidas cafés, restaurants and hotels are a short walk away.

“We always look at real estate from the long term. Whether we will keep it or not. ”
  • Offices
  • Parnassusweg, Amsterdam
  • 42,060 m²
  • 148 parking spaces