Case Point 7

Undiscovered Gem

Peter van Anrooystraat 7, Amsterdam
Maybe it should have been like this.

Maybe it should have been like this.

The building on the Van Anrooystraat has been on her mind since the early childhood of Monique Maarsen. Her grandfather worked in the sixties with the architect Piet Zanstra. She lived around the corner and cycled along on her way to school. She knew the stories. Watched how the building was rundown. And saw its chance when it came back on the market in 2007, now the head of Maarsen Groep. An undiscovered pearl, it was. And like a pearl, Maarsen Groep has slowly stripped it of its closed sleeve and gave it a shine again.

Maybe it should have been like this.
“We wanted to make the building beautiful again. To turn it into a modern and sustainable office building with respect for the past. Plastic frames and ceilings out, soul and bliss in it. ”
Involvement and enthusiasm

Involvement and enthusiasm

This project is a good example of how we approach our projects at Maarsen Groep, mostly from our own positions and therefore involved in the locations for many years. Every building and location has its own history, neighbours and local authorities and with it its own challenges. Without exception, enthusiasm is our common denominator.

“Thanks to this property, we
leave a different impression behind
to our customers and we can easily
attract young talent.”

Point 7

The office building at Peter van Anrooystraat 7 is centrally located near the Amsterdam Zuidas. The location is directly north of the court of Amsterdam and west of the Parnassusweg. The building is 'free' in its environment and has a strong identity. The proximity of the A10 motorway (exit S108 or S109) makes the location easily accessible by car.

“We always look at real estate from the long term. Whether we will keep it or not.”
  • Offices
  • Peter van Anrooystraat 7, Amsterdam
  • 4,055 m²
  • 58 parking spaces