Case redevelopment Weenapoint

First Class Offices

Weena, Rotterdam
The best impression is the first impression.

The best impression is the first impression.

Maarsen Group acquired the Weenapoint location in Rotterdam in 2008. The complex with mainly office space included four separate office buildings, a parking garage and a courtyard garden. From the very beginning, Maarsen Groep has developed a plan to redevelop the existing buildings in phases.

The best impression is the first impression.
“There is a lot of attention for the recycling of building components. And for the preservation of monumental parts, such as the Henry Moore artwork and the adjacent Koepel building.”
Central and accessible

Central and accessible

The location of Weenapoint is special: opposite Rotterdam Central, in the heart of Rotterdam Central District. Weenapoint is therefore easily accessible. Working in a dynamic environment, with the city center at your feet and Europe within reach.

“Part of FIRST is the more than
120 meters high FIRST TOWER.
A building with a very high level of
quality and excellent facilities, such as a
restaurant and a central entrance with
surveillance and a reception desk. ”

Redevelopment Weenapoint

Weenapoint is located in the heart of Rotterdam Central District. Since 2009, Maarsen Groep has been responsible for the redevelopment of this strategic location in the city centre of Rotterdam into a dynamic mix of living, working and lodging. After the completion of FIRST Rotterdam, the redevelopment of Premier Suites & Offices and the renovation of Square, "The Modernist" will be built on the Kruisplein from 2020: a combination of offices and apartments on a plinth with restaurants and high-quality shops.

“We always look at real estate from the long term. Whether we will keep it or not. ”
  • Offices
  • Weena, Rotterdam
  • 33,400 m²
  • 750 parking spaces