Maarsen Groep


Maarsen Groep is an Amsterdam-based real estate investor that makes a sustainable contribution to the city by developing, transforming and renovating existing real estate. The family business has over seventy years of experience in developing apartments and commercial properties in the Randstad.

Maarsen Groep develops from its own portfolio and therefore has knowledge, vision and long-term involvement in the locations where it operates.

Maarsen Groep has a collection of real estate positions that are developed, transformed, renovated or sold at the most economically opportune time.

Maarsen Groep is an environmentally aware organization and takes responsibility towards society and future generations.

Jeroen van der Heijden
“Expertise and involvement, from the drawing board to exploitation, shows our long term commitment.”
Jeroen van der Heijden, Real Estate Manager


  • Cubes
    Amsterdam Cubes
    At the Gerrit Mannourystraat, Maarsen Groep is developing two apartment buildings with a total of 68 rental homes and underground…
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  • Hourglass
    Amsterdam Hourglass
    In 2013, together with our partner Zadelhoff, the first sketches were made for a new building on the corner of…
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  • Gershwin Brothers
    Amsterdam Gershwin Brothers
    Gershwin Brothers is located on the corner of George Gershwinlaan and Parnassusweg (Zuidas). The project was developed, together with our…
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